Culture Club

The community is welcome to experience food from around the world at Brazos Valley Worldfest’s Upcoming Culture Club dinners. The 3-course menus are specifically prepared to give diners a cultural experience from the region.

Past Dinners:

February 21, 2019  Lunar New Year
April 11, 2019  Caribbean
June 20, 2019  Courses Around the World

Upcoming Dinners:

August 15, 2019  India
October 3, 2019  Germany

Click below to purchase your tickets for India!

$30 per person

$55 per couple

Culture Club dinners are held at D’vine Cuisine 211 West 23rd St #A Bryan TX  77803 Directions   contactus[@] with any questions.

Did you know?

There are over 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, many of which are spoken by less than a few hundred people. Image courtesy of Deposit Photos/