Cultural Display


Congratulations to the following winners of the BVW 2020 Virtual Culture Display Challenge:


Student- Persian Students Association

Community- The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley

Honorable Mention- Taiwanese Students Association and Bangladesh Student Association


Student- Malaysian Student Association

Community- The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley

Honorable Mention- Desi Aggies


MSC FLI Campus Cultural Challenge – OPEN to EVERYONE!  Campus Cultural Challenge is a competition wherein participants complete activities virtually that highlight different regions of the world. Participants have the opportunity to earn points at each station by completing the activity and answering trivia questions about the region. The participants who obtain the most points will obtain prizes at the end of the competition. Pick the 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. slot on Saturday, October 24.  Each session can accommodate 7 teams each.  Deadline to register is 11 a.m. on October 24.  




Brazos Valley Children’s Museum- Reading Fati & The Honeytree

Desi Aggies (India)- The History and Making of Chai

KBTX Media (Weather & Science)- Making It Rain

MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness- Coffee Break

TAMU Department of International Studies- Learn to Write Your Name in Japanese

TAMU International Student Association- Taiwanese Tea Ceremony

TAMU Japanese Graduate 201- Basic Japanese Introductions

TAMU Malaysian Student Association- How to Cook “Pisang Goreng” Banana Fritters

TAMU MSC FLI- Chinese Fan Demonstration

                             Bellydance Demonstration

                             Bollywood Demonstration

                             Argentine Tango Demonstration

The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley- Charcoal Techniques


Informative Videos:

Aggieland Visitor Center- TAMU Traditions

Discovery- What is Discovery?

George Bush Presidential Library- Virtual Exhibits

                                                             Education Site

German’s in the USA- German Family History

Girl Scouts of Central Texas- What it means to be a Girl Scout

Girl Scouts of Central Texas- What it means to be a Girl Scout, Spanish

Indian Graduate Student Association- India’s Mathematical History

                                                                    India’s Scientific History

Israel Showcase- Culture, Geography & Language

MSC CAMAC:  A Latinx Programming Committee- Mis Quince

SPJST Youth, Snook Lodge 9- Czech Heritage Month

TAMU Bangladesh Student Association- Getting to Know Bangladesh

TAMU Nepalese Student Association- Geo-Cultural Diversity

TAMU Persian Student Association- About Iran

TAMU Taiwanese Student Association- We Are From Taiwan

Texas Wendish Heritage Society & Museum Discovery- Exodus from Lausitz Part 1

                                                                                                  Exodus from Lausitz Part 2

The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley- Who is The Arts Council?

Twin City Mission- Healthy Relationships

Ukrainian American Cultural Club of Houston- Holodomor Art of Ukraine



















TAMU Student Activities Grant is available to recognized student organizations. You must submit this email approval with your grant application. The grant will help you defray costs you may incur purchasing items for your display and demonstration. You are encouraged to turn in your application as soon as possible due to the limited funding available. Click here to go to the grant application.

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Did you know?

Vasani Novo Theater, a planetarium in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh is exactly 12 hours ahead of Bryan/College Station. Image courtesy of Debasish Das /