World Explorer Virtual Walk

October 12-25 | $20 Registration Fee (includes walk t-shirt)

Walk around the world and become a WORLD EXPLORER!

Our World Explorer Virtual Walk 2020 is an outreach event to allow participants to be active, even if they aren’t able to travel, while learning about the world around them.

How it works:

  • Review the list of world historical and tourist sites and pick walking accomplishments totaling at LEAST 100,000 steps. You can choose walking the Panama Canal or trekking to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to get all of your steps in one accomplishment.  Or, you can travel around the world and earn more accomplishments on your journeys.  You can even do ALL of them if you like totaling around 570,000 steps!!
  • The virtual walk takes place from October 12-25. The 12th is the first day you will begin logging your daily steps.  Registration closes on Monday, October 12th.  Make sure you complete your registration by 5 p.m.
  • Once you register, you will receive an email with links to the step-logging process and your World Explorer tshirt will be mailed to you! Make sure you email us a photo of yourself if you want the full travel experience!
  • Keep a log of your daily steps. You will be asked to go online daily (or at the latest, every 3 days) to submit your step totals.
  • As you reach your chosen accomplishments, you will be recognized on the Brazos Valley Worldfest FaceBook page at and receive a confirmation email. In your confirmation email you will receive detailed information and photos of your chosen world location.  You will even receive an electronic image of yourself at your chosen your location.
  • Post your walk photos on social media! They can be you walking the neighborhood, wearing your walk tshirt or your photo at your world location.  Encourage your fellow walkers to keep travelling to reach their goals!
  • After the walk is concluded, everyone who reaches the 100,000 step goal will be entered into a drawing for a variety of gift cards. You can even earn additional entries for gift cards by posting your walk photos on FaceBook and tagging Brazos Valley Worldfest.

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Site Accomplishments

    • Borobudur Temple, Indonesia (2,600 steps)
    • Denali (20,000 steps)
    • Galapagos, Santa Fe Island (10,000 steps)
    • Hadrian’s Wall (146,000 steps)
    • Havana, Cuba (7,000 steps)
    • Picchu (12,000 steps)
    • Market (9,000 steps)
    • Melbourne, Australia (10,000 steps)
    • Moscow/Red Square, Russia (20,100 steps)
    • Niagara Falls (10,000 steps)
    • Pilgrimage – Mecca (169,500 steps)
    • Pilgrimage – Way of St. James (60,000 steps)
    • Prague Castle, Czech Republic (20,000 steps)
    • Polish Salt Mine (6,000 steps)
    • Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil (4,000 steps)
    • Taj Mahal, India (1,000 steps)
    • Terracotta Army, China (24,000 steps)
    • Ubirr Rock Art, Australia (10,000 steps)
    • Venice Canals, Italy (6,720 steps)
    • Versailles, France (10,000 steps)

Our first annual World Explorer Virtual Walk has concluded and congrats to the walkers who reached their 100,000 step goal!!  In total, all of our walkers walked 12,538,546 steps!  That’s the same as walking the Panama Canal more than 125 times!!  This page will be updated when the next walk will be scheduled.





  • Do I have to be at a certain location to participate? NO!  This is the fun of doing a virtual walk.  Anyone, anywhere can participate.  Just make sure to follow Brazos Valley Worldfest on FB to connect with other walkers and help celebrate your accomplishments!!
  • My child is under the age of 18. Can they participate?  YES!  Fill out the registration in their name.  Indicate on the registration they are under 18; List the name of the parent/guardian processing the registration on their behalf.
  • Can groups register? YES!  We can register your business, organization or even a group of friends as a team.  You can do it 2 ways: 1. Each team member sets up their own accomplishments OR 2.  You select the accomplishments for the team. Either way, each person logs their steps individually and earns their personal goals.  The team works together to motivate and encourage each other through the walk! Contact us directly at to get set up!
  • How can TAMU departments register and pay as a group? Contact us directly at to get set up!
  • Can I participate if I don’t have a pedometer or a step tracker? YES!  We have an equivalency conversion to help you out!  —  Walking briskly for 15 minutes = 1 mile = 2000 steps.    Walking casually for 20 minutes = 1 mile = 2000 steps.  Walking briskly for 15 minutes, 3 times a day, as well as your other daily walking over the course of the 2 week virtual walk, will easily get you to the 100,000 step goal!!
  • Can I do other types of activity to earn steps? If you have a Fitbit or some other type of step tracker, most likely your other physical activity will be logged.  If not, here is a conversion chart to help you document your “steps” while doing other activities:
    • Cycling – 7 miles = 2,000 steps
    • Spinning – 30 minutes = 3,000 steps
    • Aerobics – 30 minutes = 2,500 steps
    • Swimming – 15 minutes = 2,000 steps
    • Gardening – 30 minutes = 3,000 steps
    • Dancing – 20 minutes = 2,000 steps
    • Any activity/exercise that makes you breathe hard and sweat – 20 minutes = 2,000 steps
    • Any activity/exercise that makes you breathe very hard and perspire heavily – 15 minutes = 2,000 steps

Any other questions can be directed to kfox[at]

Did you know?

It would take about 20 million steps to walk all the way around the world.