Candy Shop

Brazos Valley Worldfest is bringing back its popular International Candy Shop!  Have you ever tried maple candy from Canada?  Or flavored Kit Kat from Japan?  Now’s your chance and even more candies from around the world!!  Pick your own to try or select a prepared regional bag with candies from Around the World, Asia, Europe or The Americas!

  • Bocadin Chocolate Wafer (Mexico)
  • Bohme Fruit Candies (Germany)
  • Cucharita Rica Tamarind Flavored Candy Spoon (Mexico)
  • El Caserio De Tafalla Orange Chocolate Candy (Spain)
  • Grape Sour Chews (Colombia)
  • Kit Kat, Raspberry (Japan)
  • Kopiko Coffee Candy (Indonesia)
  • Londonderry Caramel Candy (India)
  • Maple Hard Candy (Canada)
  • Melody Chocolate Candy (India)
  • Milky Splash Toffee (Ukraine)
  • Nucita Trisabor Creamy Candy (Mexico)
  • Pineapple Flavored Salt Candy (Thailand)
  • Serenata Chocolate Wafer (Greece)
  • Sorini ChocoBoom! Chocolate filled with strawberry popping candy (Italy)


Please email us with any questions at contactus[at]


Did you know?

Candy Cane display

Seven billion pounds of chocolate and candy are manufactured each year in the United States. Image courtesy of Dell Idrus /