Candy Shop

Brazos Valley Worldfest is excited to add an an International Candy Shop to the festival for 2018! Have you every tried Maple candy from Canada? Or Green Tea KitKat from Japan? Now’s your chance and even more candies from around the world. Pick your own favorites to try or select a prepared Candies Around the World bag and get to try a variety of candies.

Candy List:
Canada                           Maple Hard Candy
Puerto Rico                    Coconut Bites
Mexico                            Pelon Tamarind Push Up Candy
Costa Rica                      Gallito Guayabita Chocolates
Brazil                              Coffee Candy
Japan                              Green Tea KitKat
Korea                              Plum Candy
Australia                        Fini Watermelon Gum
China                              Guava Candy
China                              White Rabbit Cream Candy
India                                Pan Pasand Confectionery
India                                Pulse Candy
United Kingdom           Skips Prawn Cocktail Snacks
Germany                         Fini Dino Eggs Gum
Ireland                             Emerald Irish Caramel


Did you know?

Seven billion pounds of chocolate and candy are manufactured each year in the United States. Image courtesy of Dell Idrus /