Welcome to the Brazos Valley Worldfest

What to Expect at the Worldfest?

Brazos Valley is a home to different cultures of all over the world. The Brazos Valley Worldfest brings together the people and provides an occassion to celebrate and discover the cultural diversity of the Brazos Valley.

The festival includes a variety of cultural perfomances from different countries along with their displays and delicious food.


Cultural Display




Witness the traditional folk dances and performances from different parts of the world during the Worldfest. You may also get a chance to participate in some of these performances.

Cultural Displays

Explore the cultures and traditions from all parts of globe at the Brazos Valley Worldfest. Participants get the opportunity to represent their culture and heritage and the visiters get a chance to experience them by participating in the events and purschasing indegenous items at the stalls. 

Handmade jewelry display


The highlight of the festival is the food. Get a taste of authentic regional food at the Worldfest. The Brazos Valley Worldfest also organizes Culture Club Dinner where you can dine delicious three course meals while learning facts about the host country.

International food on tray