Photo Contest

Participate in Brazos Valley Worldfest photo contest and win CASH prizes!

All registrations must be in by close of business on Wednesday, November 2

For more details contact: 

 contest rules

  • You must register by completing an online form indicating your participation by Friday, November 4.
  • You will have your shift assignment by Monday, November 7.
  • All photos must be captured on November 12, 2022, during the festival (10a-4p, Downtown Bryan, Main Street from William J Bryan to 23rd St.)
  • Check in and out at the festival to work your assigned time. 
    • You will be given a 2-3 hour shift to take photos around the festival site. You may take photos before and after your shift, but we would like the majority of your photos to be from your assigned time slot. 
    • Make sure to move around. Get a good mix of photos from Culture Displays, vendors, volunteers, performances and children’s activities.
    • This year, you may also take and submit videos. They will not be part of the competition.
  • Your official entry must include a printed 8×10 image of your photograph to be judged, as well as the rest of the photos you took during the festival in an electronic format.
    • You will only be judged based on the 8×10 image.  The rest of the images may be used by the non-profit organization of Brazos Valley Worldfest for promotional purposes.  Credit will be given to the photographer.
  • Entries are due by Monday, November 21 by 2 p.m. to Kim Fox’s office in Rm 211, Pavilion on the Texas A&M University campus.  
    • Please place your printed 8×10 image in an unmarked manila envelope/folder and write your name on the back of the photo.
    • The rest of the photos and videos may be delivered either by flash drive or a Dropbox link. They also must also be turned in by November 21st
  • Winners will be announced via email on Friday, December 2, and on social media by Monday, December 5.  1st place will receive $250, 2nd place $100, and 3rd place $50.



Photos will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Subject – How interesting and compelling the content of the photo is (10 points)
  • Composition – Framing of the photo (10 points)
  • Originality – How unique the photo is (10 points)
  • Representation – How well it represents Brazos Valley Worldfest and the cultures of the Brazos Valley (10 points)

Previous Photo Contest Winners