BVW is back this year and looking for individuals to chair our volunteer committees.  If you are interested in getting event experience, managing groups or international studies, this volunteer opportunity could be for you!

Committee Chairs meet as a group once a month from August to October in advance of the festival.  Each chair is asked to attend one of the two volunteer orientations that are scheduled the week before the festival as well as help with set up on Friday, November 11 and work the festival on Saturday, November 12.

If you are interested in serving as a committee chair for the 2022 festival, please email contactus[at]brazosvalleyworldfest.org about your interest.

The following are a list of committees and their duties:

Stage/Entertainment (World Stage & Heritage Stage)

[2 on each stage]

  • Contact performers in advance of festival to ensure they have directions, performance time, unloading information and equipment needs.  Make sure they have your cell phone number in case of emergency.
  • Organizes volunteers on your assigned stage.
  • Assist in keeping performances on schedule.
  • Act as emcee of stage as necessary.

Logistics (parking, waste management, security)

[should have 2-3 co-chairs]

  • Assist with parking and offer directions and assistance to visitors.
  • Act as first contact for service providers.
  • Assist with posting signage at festival site (in advance and day of festival), at pavilion, in the parking lot and on campus.
  • Transport equipment and supplies to appropriate locations (i.e. stages, arts and crafts, other).
  • Act as main contact for emergency issues regarding parking areas (i.e. weather, first aide, police…).

Display/Culture Booth

[should have 3-4 co-chairs]

  • Assist in selecting and recruiting student and cultural/heritage associations to participate in country display.
  • Follow up with organizations as their applications are approved.
  • Assist Festival Chair with layout of booth spaces.
  • Work with Festival Coordinator to create display booth guidelines.
  • Contact organizations in advance of festival to ensure they have directions, set up times, unloading information and display guidelines (2-3 weeks before).  Make sure they have your cell phone numbers in case of emergency.
  • Work with culture displays serving food to make sure they meet Health Department requirements.
  • Over see culture display contest, work with judges and distribute trophies.

Photography Chair 

[1-2 co-chairs]

  • Develop a contest promotional campaign; create promotional flyer
  • Recruit photographers to take part in the Brazos Valley Worldfest Competition (photography groups in the community, FB groups, student groups interested in photography, courses that have a journalism or photography component)
  • Set up spreadsheet with contact list of participating photographers and when they will be on site
  • Communicate with and manage photographers on site


[should have 3 co-chairs]

  • Attend MSC Open House to share festival information with service organizations
  • Respond to all potential volunteers once their applications have been received and confirmed (by email)
  • Schedule volunteers for each volunteer area as requested or assigned.
  • Work with Festival Coordinator to organize volunteer planning orientations 1-2 weeks before the festival.
    • Follow up and assign volunteers who still need an assignment
    • Follow up with any volunteers that did not attend an orientation
    • Organize volunteer check-in day before and day of festival.

Kid’s Village

[should have 2-3 co-chairs]

  • Work with Festival Coordinator to select arts and crafts projects.
  • Create signage offering explanations for each crafts’ cultural significance.
  • Train and oversee volunteers how to assist children in creating the crafts.
    • Prepare craft supplies in advance (determine if volunteers are needed in advance)


    [2 chairs]

    • Update survey questions as necessary
    • Set up survey in electronic system (we have training available if necessary); we use a paperless system.  Volunteers use their smart phones or tablets.
    • Solicit and work with student organization to administer survey
      • Organization gets volunteers to sign up for appropriate shifts, provide tshirt sizes and emergency contact information
      • Host training session with volunteers (usually 30-40)
      • Keep track of volunteers checking in and out throughout the festival
    • Ensure volunteers are appropriately administering the survey throughout the day
    • Send final participant list and Thank you to volunteer group
    • Compile survey information into easy to read report

    Info Tent/Merchandise

    [should have 2-3 co-chairs]

    • Work Information Tent and sell festival merchandise
    • Oversee volunteers who hand out visitor bags, tabloids and passports
    • Document inventory of merchandise

    Candy Shop

    [should have 2 co-chairs]

    • Work with Festival Coordinator to select candies to sell
    • Prepackage candy and prepare signage
    • Work Candy Shop day of festival
    Volunteers smiling

    Did you know?

    Heritage Building

    The official and national sport of Pakistan is field hockey. Image courtesy of Saleem Taqvi / freeimages.com